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Our Work

Greetings from Glad Educational Medical And Charitable Trust.

Different types of Our Services

Youth Development

Glad Educational Medical And Charitable Trust is motivating the village youths to form youth clubs in the villages. So far we are able to form 80 youth clubs. The main of this club is to stimulate them to acquire a sound knowledge of the national problems with the particular reference to their existence and means of assuming local leadership and availing themselves of the opportunities offered by the society and Government.

Environment and Ecological Development

Community meetings were held in 15 villages to discuss on the desisting and deepening of existing Eco cells, Sustainable agriculture, Eco forming, Kitchen garden and other major activities. Consultation was held with 15 village people women groups to discuses waste land development. Need for more trees, setting of kitchen gardens, were discussed in detail during house visits, Village meetings and women groups.

Tree Planting

A ONE DAY Tree planting awareness programme was conducted 30 small farmers, 20 women and 10 youths were participated in this programme. And our organization conducted two wasteland training programme.

Health Care Medical Camp

Health Education being impaired during door to door visits and meetings on MCH, RCH, HIV/aids, pulse polio, Nutrition, personal hygiene, well baby shows STD and Medical camps. Preganant mothers were identified and given nutrition education and informed on how to seek gets assistance from government for their schemes fifteen medical camps were conducted in 15 villages.

Environmental Awareness Program

Environmental awareness campaign was carried out at Olakkur village. Seminar on solid waste management and demonstrations made to insist the specific topic. 75 women were participated in each seminar and demonstration. The trainers contributed their valuable vissions and concepts towards the reasons of pollution, need and importance of the conservation of the nature and they have explained about the kinds of wastes and its effects in atmosphere.

Women Empowerment Programmes

We conducted this program in 100 villages. Importance of women's sangams was discussed in village level meetings and also visits. the meetings serve to educate women on to issue and him in decision meeting process. Awareness need for Self Help Groups and small savings have been carried out in all villages. Sangam formation has been a thrust area and women are being educated and motivated on the need to from women's groups. Discussion on unity health issues and social awareness is carried out during women group meetings. Ten one day programmes were conducted more then 300 women's participated in the women Empowerment programmes.

Human Resource Development at Community Level

TEN Orientation training programmes were conducted in order to bering an awareness on ststus of women, their role in society and need for unity and orientation. TWENTY LEADERSHIP training programmes were conducted with focus on forming womens organization and enhancing leadership qualities. Three hundred womens from 15 target villages were selected and given leadership training programme this year. Individuals who showed interest in development of their communities were selected for the leadership training programmes.

Community Participations

AWARENESS EDUCATION on the need for peoples participation for their development has been carried out since initiation of programmes. Programmes were discussed and planned with the representatives of the community.
People have understood the need for their participation in the development process. Peoples participation ensures smooth functioning of programmes. Community is involved in the planning and implementation of the programmes.

Achieved Results

  • Initiating leadership to take upon issues to fore font worker in the movement building process is by those who got training from these courses.
  • Some of the girls traines at the tailoring and embroidery units have been observed by the nearby export garment. Some are earning from home by making simple chemicals.
  • Dalit women better status in the society.
  • The Self confidence of the women got increased.
  • Family income has increased.
  • Poverty has come down.
  • Better understanding and peace prevailed in the families
  • Better opportunities for employment.
  • Better status for women in society.